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Amelia's Story - Please Support Us This Christmas

"I couldn't cope with the abuse anymore, he just shouted and degraded me all the time...though he did worse to my mum. I felt so unsafe and didn't know where to turn, so I just left, anything was better than being in that house.

I stayed with a friend for a while but then they needed the space back so I had to leave. I was struggling so much I couldn't concentrate on college.... self-harm made me feel like I had a bit of control.

A friend suggested Base 51, I was scared but I asked them for them for help and they changed my life. They helped with counselling for the trauma, and spoke to housing support and my college. The hot meal, shower and new clothes really helped too.

I'm feeling so much better now, I am back at college, still coming to counselling and love getting involved with all the Base 51 youth club sessions!"

Give local this Christmas Young people are struggling, we need the support of local people to continue our vital services. We know times are tough, but anything you can donate will make a difference - thank you.

(case study taken from Base 51 records, identifying details have been changed and first person account was written by Base 51 staff)

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