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Carrying a knife may seem like self-defense, but statistics show it often backfires. You're 3X more likely to be stabbed if you carry a blade.

The safest protection is prevention - avoid dangerous situations, walk away from fights, and report threats. There are always better solutions than violence.

Choose open hands over closed fists. Seek help instead of retaliation. And if you see something, say something to stop harm before it starts.

The less weapons, the less hurt. Let's build a world where we don't need to defend ourselves, because we look out for each other.

Evolution Plus is a specialist trauma service for anyone aged 10-24 years old who has been affected by serious violence.

If you would like further information, or to make a referral,

Please email or call us on 0115 952 5040.

Knife Crime in Nottingham. Young People. Youth Services.

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