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So, you're thinking about getting some counselling?

Well, let me tell you, that's a great idea!

Here are five reasons why:

It's like having a personal cheerleader: Sometimes we just need someone to root for us, someone to encourage us when we're feeling down. That's where counselling comes in! Your counsellor is there to support you and help you see your own strengths and abilities.

You'll learn some cool new skills: Counselling isn't just about talking about your problems (although that's important too!). Your counsellor can teach you some new ways to cope with stress, manage your emotions, and communicate more effectively with the people in your life.

It's a safe space to be yourself: Let's face it, sometimes it can be hard to be completely honest with the people in our lives. But in counselling, you can be totally yourself without fear of judgment. Your counsellor is there to listen and help, not to criticize or shame you. You'll feel less alone: It's easy to feel like we're the only ones going through a tough time. But the truth is, lots of people struggle with mental health issues, relationship problems, and other challenges. Talking to a counsellor can help you feel less isolated and more connected to others.

You'll be investing in your future: Investing in your mental health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you take care of your emotional well-being, you're better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. So go ahead and make that counselling appointment - your future self will thank you!

Base 51 offer a range of counselling services to young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire! From subsidised paid for counselling sessions, to free specialist trauma counselling. Our paid for services are based on your household income, and start from £15 a session!

Find out more on our counselling pages.

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