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Konan: Trapped In Trauma

During the making of a mind-blowing documentary, Konan faces a surprising diagnosis: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the UK alone, this condition affects 311,000 young people aged 16-24 each year, according to Channel 4.

Konan spills the beans on how his success in the music business hasn't been all it’s cracked up to be because of his PTSD. Even with the money and fame, he confesses that the trauma is stuck in his brain like an annoying song on repeat. It's left him feeling scarred, and he can't help but overanalyse everything when he's in a room—checking for exits, potential weapons, and sizing up the crowd.

He opens up to an amazing therapist, Charlene Edwards, about how he's been feeling. Anger and emptiness are taking over, and he's caught in a trap. Plus, he's feeling the pressure to always be strong because, you know, society says so.

Thankfully, therapy has been a game-changer for Konan. It's given him a whole new perspective and a chance to reflect. His therapist some serious wisdom. She said ‘Numbing sadness can also numb happiness’

In the Channel 4 documentary, Konan takes an epic journey across the country to uncover a mental health crisis that's hitting young people hard. It's a big deal, and it could seriously impact our emotions, relationships, and even our wallets.

Konan's got a message for all of us. He wants this documentary to spark open convos, rather than bottling things up like he did. He's all about inspiring us to seek help, chase our own healing, and go on a wicked self-improvement journey. So, get ready to be inspired!

Follow Konan's lead and let's rock this mental health game together!

Evolution Plus is a specialist trauma service for anyone aged 10-24 years old who has been affected by serious violence.

If you would like further information, or to make a referral,

Please email or call us on 0115 952 5040.

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