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Topic Sentence What it is and How to Write it?

Topic sentence focuses on one presentation of one topic that is the main focus of that paragraph and introduces that paragraph. The topic sentence gives the main idea the same as the thesis statement provides. A topic sentence should be narrow and focused, and clearly states the main idea. The writer should give the introduction at the start of the essay after describing the main idea. There are different types of topic sentences, including "My summer vacation was full of fun” and “school uniform helps us to feel more unity” also “How to make coffee” are some examples of topic sentences.

While the reader is skimming the text or scanning the placement of the topic sentence at the beginning, this process is easier for the readers. If the topic sentence is given at the start of the essay, the readers can quickly grasp what this topic is about. The other sentences in a paragraph develop the sense to find out the rest of the information. You can ask a academic papers to provide you with the best way of writing a topic sentence.

We should follow a specific procedure to write a topic sentence for multiple paragraphs. First, you have to identify the main point in your written document, which will be the base to write further. You should pay attention to writing a topic sentence to make it more attractive for the readers because most of the time, readers lose their interest in your essay due to a dull topic sentence.

After the main idea is identified, write an opening statement that will introduce what this topic is about and what we are going to learn from this topic. That will further help you to write the introduction of your topic. The writer should introduce each paragraph by writing a sentence that connects back to the main idea.

For successful writing, the skill to write a topic sentence is compulsory to learn. We can take the example of a topic sentence from our daily life routine; for example, the title of a movie, the headline in any newspaper, and the agenda of a meeting are examples of the topic sentence. It would be best if you learned the tricks of writing a better topic sentence or asking any academic excellence for help.

Make sure your topic sentence is clear to your audience because it is the first sentence from which you can grab your readers' attention. The subject matter of your paragraph should be clearly stated and should not be difficult to read.

Always try to keep it short and easy for the readers so they can read your essay with full concentration. The topic sentence should be the primary focus of your readers without forcing them to search out that main idea. Also, try to keep the topic sentence short because extended topics create a sense of tiredness among the readers. Your topic sentence should state something that you could easily prove with the help of CollegeEssay. Opinion is critical while writing an essay with which you try to influence your readers. In my opinion, smoking is injurious to health as it causes the failure of the lungs. This is your opinion, and you have to provide evidence to prove your opinions right to build your readers' trust.



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