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Easy Ways to Stop Your iPhone Charger From Breaking

Apple creates everything for productive use of its devices. Apple has advanced applications, as call recorder for iphone, productivity applications, photo applications and many others.

Apple's phone and tablet chargers may be sleek and stylish, but they aren't very durable. Complaints abound from iPad and iPhone owners of cables that split, break, and stop working, sometimes after only a few weeks or months of use.

While the cables are covered by a one year warranty, it's often difficult or impossible– not to mention time-consuming and annoying– to find an Apple store while traveling. Wouldn't it be better if they just didn't break in the first place? Here are five ways to make your cables last a whole lot longer.

Careful How You Coil

One of the easiest ways to protect your charger when traveling is being careful about how you transport it. Throwing it in your bag means you're likely to end up with a tangled mess, but tightly wrapping it around your hand and tying it in a knot isn't good for it either.

The delicate wires inside the cable get bent and crushed every time you do this, and it doesn't take long before they start breaking and splitting. The end result? A charger that starts working intermittently, and then shortly after, not at all.

Instead, lightly loop the cable on pinnacle of itself 3 or 4 times, then tuck every give up into the loop. The charger continues to be clean to transport, however there is little danger of it getting snagged or broken in transit. An opportunity is to apply a devoted wire winder, which rolls the cable round itself with out growing bends or kinks.

A Bend Is Not Your Friend

Speaking of bends, one of the maximum not unusualplace reasons of cable breakage is with the aid of using being squashed and bent with the aid of using furniture, anxiety, or gravity. The factor wherein the plug connector meets the cable is the maximum probable vicinity for it to fray, so while you by chance jam some thing in opposition to it, there is a excessive danger of harm over time.

The equal issue takes place while you upload anxiety to the charger with the aid of using stretching it or letting the telecellsmartphone dangle down from it. A little care is going a protracted way. By ensuring the cable continually has a few slack in it and is continually mendacity as flat and directly as viable whilst in use, you will substantially growth its lifespan.

Remove It Gently

As with paying attention when connecting the cable, be careful how you remove it as well. Yanking on the cable underneath the connector, rather than gently pulling on the connector itself, is another excellent way to damage it right at its weakest point.

It's easy to just rip the cable out when you're in a hurry, but taking the extra second or two to remove it with a little more care will save plenty of hassle and money in the long run.

Don't Use Your Phone While It's Charging

Have you ever wondered why phone charging cables are so short? It's (probably) not an attempt to save a couple of cents off the manufacturing cost. Apple and other phone makers would prefer you didn't use your device with the cable plugged in, and try to make it harder to do so.

Not only does it reduce your device's battery life, the extra tension, bending, and flexing of the cable as the phone moves around damages the connectors as well. Resist the urge to lie in bed scrolling through Facebook while the phone is charging. Instead, just pull the cable out first. It's quick and easy to do, and both your battery and charger will thank you for it.

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