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We know that reaching success is more than just the ability to write a CV – success starts with believing in yourself! YOUCAN can help you to change your mindset and improve your outlook on life whilst also providing you with the skills needed to succeed and thrive.


Our 8-10 week course is based around the equipped2succeed framework, which focuses on being positive, taking responsibility, building self-confidence, and managing relationships. YOUCAN supports 16-24 year olds by preparing them for training, education, work or whatever next positive step they wish to pursue. 

Once these soft skills have been learned, participants can put them to real-life use through an enterprise project that will provide hands-on experience with running a business. 

Places are limited, book below! 

Kirk's Story

Kirk was referred onto the YOUCAN programme by a Base 51 Project Officer. The Project Officer believed that the programme could support Kirk to develop his employability skills and support him into education training or employment as he was not accessing any services or groups.


Kirk moved to Liverpool when he was a child and he has recently moved back to Nottingham, he did


not have any social networks and spent the majority of his time in his room.


During the programme Kirk completed Barista training with a local Nottingham Café. He was referred to Futures for support with his employability.


Early on during the programme Kirk got into trouble with the Police. On 2 occasions he had to appear in court where the court was informed of his positive engagement in the YOUCAN programme. Kirk’s engagement in YOUCAN supported his case and he was given a lenient sentence in comparison to his peers.


Kirk continued to attend regular counselling sessions through the Thrive Project and went on to secure a place on a mechanics course.

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