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Social Value

In today's world having a Corporate Social Responsibility or Social Value programme is an important part of any business. 

At Base 51 we have a range of ways companies can support our charity and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

What benefits will we get by supporting a charity?

Social Value Programmes can improve a company's reputation, increase customer loyalty, and attract and retain employees who value social responsibility. Additionally, investing in social value programs can help companies differentiate themselves from competitors and create long-term value for shareholders. Ultimately, investing in social value programs aligns with the growing trend of corporate social responsibility and can lead to positive impacts on both society and the company's bottom line.

Why should we support Base 51, a youth charity?

Supporting youth work through corporate social responsibility programmes can have a positive impact on both the company and the community. By investing in youth programmes, companies can help create a better future workforce and build stronger communities. Investing in youth work can also help to address social issues and reduce inequality, leading to a more stable and prosperous community.


BWB Consulting
Volunteer Day 

13 members of staff from BWB Consulting came to volunteer at Base 51, they sorted out our clothes bank, helped move furniture for a clear out, painted our yard and bagged up sweets for an event!

"It was a pleasure to help and give something back to such an amazing charity."

"It was an awesome day! Thank you for the opportunity to help."


Support Base 51



Donations to Base 51 allow us to continue our vital work with young people.

See what your donation could help us do:



We have events running throughout the year that require sponsors. It's a great way to get your company name in front of a large audience - and you get complimentary places for staff as well.



Run a marathon, have a bake sale, shave your hair - whatever your staff would like to do to fundraise for Base 51 we will support them!

We can provide marketing materials, banners and volunteers.



We offer volunteer days at Base 51, or your staff can volunteer their time throughout the week to work on Admin, Social Media, Marketing etc.

We offer volunteering sessions at our Youth Club as well if they would like to work with young people.


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Contact us to find out more

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