Free, dedicated counselling for young

people affected by serious violence 

Violence comes in many forms: gang violence, knife


crime, domestic abuse and human trafficking leave deep scars, and the trauma of serious violence can affect many people. The victims, the perpetrators, their family and their friends.  

We understand that it takes time to heal. 

Evolution provides long term counselling to help young people aged 11-25 process their situation and go on to lead normal lives, unburdened by fear, anxiety and anger.  

Get in touch today if you think you, or a young person that you know may benefit from Evolution.

Penelope's Story

Penelope felt terrified all the time and her mood was very low. She was in a long-term relationship with a partner who was part of a gang known for extreme violence.


She found her partner frightening due to the violence she had seen him inflict on others and also because of the violence he displayed towards her. She had cut off all of her family and friends, was extremely self-critical and lacking any kind of trust in others. She had


nightmares and flashbacks from the violence she had seen and been victim of. Penelope’s confidence was low and she did not see herself as worthwhile. 

Penelope used her counselling sessions to talk about her life, and how the gang violence she was around had left her feeling. She began to reach out to family and friends who she had cut off. Her contact with others and getting out of the house really started to allow her to look at herself from a different perspective which she could then share with her counsellor safely. 


She began to look at what she wanted from life, she knew her relationship was a problem and although not the root cause of the troubles she was facing, it was a familiar pattern and one she became determined to put a stop too. She was able to look at the hatred she dished out to herself as well as the violence she experienced at the hands of her partner. She began to put boundaries in place between her and her partner to stop the violent outbursts that occurred between them. 


Penelope is now considering her future goals, including attending University and getting a job. Her self-esteem is at a much higher level to when she started and she has had a huge reduction in flashbacks and nightmares. She said: 

               “My counselling is going really well. I look forward to my sessions because it helps me understand myself and think about what I want, it has a good impact. I feel safe with my counsellor.” 

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