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Calling all aspiring Youth Workers! 

At Base 51, we do more than just support young people in need.

We know that 16-24 year olds have their own dreams, aspirations and ideas, and Young Leaders is our programme created to nurture and build those dreams into something real. 

Are you looking to work in youth services? Have you been inspired after receiving support yourself? 

Then we want to give you the chance to run activities and have a say in the decisions we make at Base 51, whilst working towards a Level 1 Certificate in Youth Work. 


"When I started till right now they have never told me I am wrong about anything and encouraged me to push through everything within my everyday life. Being on the programme has given the confidence to get a job and shaped who I am"

"I have learned how to work through my own issues and see things from others point of view. All the staff and young leaders are the kindest and supportive."

"The young leaders programme has helped me a lot because I would normally stay silent and in the back but since being on the programme I have be able to speak out and share my opinions."

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