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e are moving from NGY building at the end of March (to somewhere exciting, we'll tell you more SOON, promise).

Some changes in the last week of March - our plan is to keep all our services running throughout the move and just change them to the new building, but if anything stops that happening we'll let you know on our socials or if you come to counselling we'll email you!

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The Big Move

Well, what a month! We have officially moved out of NGY, our new address is 4a Peachey Street, Nottingham, NG1 4AN - just near Victoria Centre! We’re still getting settled, we’ve had some delays and s


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That's exciting! Great to know you are keeping your services running despite the move. Youth are definitely happy with it. The extraordinary stuff that you and graduate CV writing service UK do for youth will help them to be a better member of society.


These updates for the Youth Club are crucial! As a student, I appreciate the efforts to keep us informed. Looking forward to seeing how these changes will enhance our experience. Also, if anyone knows where I can find someone to write my assignment cheap, please let me know!

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