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Revealing the Dismal State of Nottingham Homes: 1 in 5 are "Non-Decent"

1 in 5 Nottingham houses are 'non-decent' which means they have a 'hazard or immediate threat to a person’s health, are not in a reasonable state of repair, lack modern facilities or are not properly insulated or heated' (English Housing Survey).

Nearly a fifth of people in Nottingham can't keep their houses warm for a reasonable price because of the energy efficiency of their home - which in winter can mean going into debt just trying to meet basic needs of a warm, safe home and food on the table.

At Base 51 we support 11-25 year olds who are struggling, we're a warm and safe haven where you can get food, access showers, laundry, a clothes bank and food parcels. If you need support, email or call us 0115 952 5040.

Support our work by donating to our crowdfunder.

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