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Music recording

The Studios @ Base 51

Base 51 is home to a state of the art recording studio. We offer expert group tuition in:

Music Production




Lyric Writing

Filming & Editing

Performance Techniques

& More

Open Monday and Friday, 5pm-8pm for anyone aged 15-21. Free to attend, just sign up to Base 51 and come down! (Hours may vary in school holidays)

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Hire The Studios

State of the art recording studio

located in Nottingham City Centre.


Specialising in providing an inspiring place for young performers.


Available to people aged 25 and under on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoon (more availability coming soon).

The Studios @ Base 51 contains:

27" iMac

4 way Samson head phone mixer amp

Genelec speakers

Yamaha speakers

Yamaha subwoofer

Audient ASP 8024 mixer

Motu 24 AO 24 channel Analog out

Motu 24 channel Analog 24 channel inputs

Full patch bay system

Rode NTK microphone

Beyerdaynamic DT 100 headphones


Recording, producing, editing, podcasting & more


Price available on request.


For more information email

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